3.3 X6M Studio Backdrop | All Colours


Cotton backdrops are ideal for both studio use or for on-location use. It can be folded up into a 50x50cm plastic bag or pillowcase for easy transport or storage. Our cotton backdrops are also machine washable and can be ironed/steamed to even out any creases. The durable fabric is long-lasting and firm.

Please note: Backdrop Stand not included. Pictures used for illustrative purposes only. If you need a backdrop stand,

Product Features:

    • Dimensions: 3.2m x 6m
    • Sewn hem 7cm (to slide backdrop crossbar through)
    • Material: Firm Cotton
    • Machine washable
    • No clamps needed


  1. Size: A backdrop with dimensions of 3.3 meters (about 10.8 feet) in width and 6 meters (about 19.7 feet) in length is relatively large. It provides ample space to cover a wide area and is suitable for shooting full-length portraits or group shots.
  2. Material: Studio backdrops can be made from various materials, including muslin, canvas, paper, or fabric. The choice of material depends on factors like durability, ease of use, and the desired look.
  3. Color and Design: Backdrops come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing photographers and videographers to create different moods and atmospheres in their shots. Common colors include white, black, gray, blue, green, and various shades in between. Some backdrops may feature patterns, textures, or custom designs.
  4. Mounting: Studio backdrops are typically designed to be mounted on backdrop stands or support systems. These stands allow for easy setup and adjustment of the backdrop’s height and tension.
  5. Portability: Depending on the material, some backdrops can be portable and suitable for on-location shoots. Others may be more suitable for permanent studio setups.
  6. Maintenance: Backdrops may require occasional cleaning or steaming to remove wrinkles or dirt, ensuring a clean and professional look in photos and videos.
  7. Backdrop Stand: If the backdrop doesn’t come with a stand, you may need to purchase one separately. These stands are adjustable and designed to hold the backdrop securely in place.