Godox V1N Round Head TTL Li-ion Flash for Nikon Cameras for sale


The Godox V1N Round Head TTL Li-ion Flash is a game-changing addition for Nikon camera users, offering advanced lighting capabilities, creative control, and precision. Whether you’re capturing portraits, events, or high-speed action, this flash empowers you to elevate your photography with exceptional results.

Product Specifications:

  • Guide Number: (Specify the guide number)
  • Color Temperature: (Specify the color temperature range)
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Recycle Time: (Specify the recycle time)
  • Wireless Range: (Specify the wireless range)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): (Specify the flash’s dimensions)
  • Weight: (Specify the flash’s weight)
  • Compatible Cameras: Nikon DSLR series


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Product Description: The Godox V1N Round Head TTL Li-ion Flash is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed for Nikon camera enthusiasts, whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast. This versatile flash unit offers precision, power, and creative control to help you capture stunning images in various lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Round Head Design: The unique round head design produces soft and even light distribution, making it perfect for portrait photography and delivering a natural and flattering look to your subjects.
  • Wireless Compatibility: Equipped with the built-in 2.4G wireless X system, this flash enables seamless and reliable wireless control. You can create multi-flash setups and adjust settings remotely for creative lighting effects.
  • TTL Autoflash: The V1N supports TTL (Through-The-Lens) autoflash, ensuring accurate and consistent exposure in changing lighting conditions.
  • High-Speed Sync: Achieve dramatic and creative effects with high-speed sync (HSS) and flash durations as short as 1/20,000 seconds, making it suitable for action shots and high-speed photography.
  • Li-ion Battery: The included lithium-ion battery offers fast recycling times and long-lasting power, ensuring you won’t miss a crucial moment during a shoot.
  • Wide Zoom Range: The flash provides a zoom range from 28-105mm, along with a 330-degree rotation and 120-degree tilt for flexible lighting angles.
  • Stroboscopic Mode: Ideal for capturing multiple images in a single frame, this mode is perfect for creative effects and capturing movement.