HDMI Video Capture Card 4K For sale


A 4K HDMI video capture card is a specialized hardware device designed to capture and record video and audio content from 4K-resolution HDMI sources. These capture cards are commonly used for high-quality video production, streaming, gaming content creation, and other applications where capturing and streaming ultra-high-definition video is essential. Here are some key features and considerations for 4K HDMI video capture cards:

  1. 4K Resolution: These capture cards support 4K video resolution, which typically refers to a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (UHD) or 4096×2160 pixels (Cinema 4K). Ensure that the capture card can handle the specific 4K resolution you need.
  2. Frame Rate: Check the maximum supported frame rate at 4K resolution. Common frame rates include 30fps, 60fps, and higher. The frame rate you choose depends on your specific needs, such as gaming, video production, or live streaming.
  3. HDMI Compatibility: Verify that the capture card has HDMI input ports compatible with your 4K HDMI sources. Some capture cards may also have additional input/output options, such as audio jacks or SDI.
  4. Pass-Through: Most 4K HDMI capture cards offer HDMI pass-through, allowing you to view the content on your monitor or TV while simultaneously capturing it on your computer. This is important for real-time monitoring and gameplay.
  5. Encoding: Some 4K capture cards include hardware encoding capabilities, which offload the video encoding process from your computer’s CPU. Hardware encoding is especially beneficial when capturing 4K video, which can be resource-intensive.
  6. USB Connection: Many 4K HDMI capture cards connect to your computer via USB 3.0 or USB-C for high-speed data transfer. Ensure that your computer has the necessary USB ports and bandwidth for 4K capture.


  1. Compatibility: Check the capture card’s compatibility with your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) and preferred streaming or recording software. Compatibility with popular software like OBS Studio, XSplit, or specific broadcasting platforms is essential.
  2. Audio Support: HDMI carries both video and audio signals, and 4K HDMI capture cards typically support audio capture as well. Verify that the card can capture audio from your HDMI source, or if it has additional audio input options.
  3. Streaming: If you plan to use the capture card for live streaming in 4K, look for features like low latency and compatibility with popular streaming platforms (e.g., Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live).
  4. Recording: 4K HDMI capture cards are suitable for recording 4K video and audio directly to your computer’s storage. Check if the capture card’s software supports features like scheduled recordings, automatic file splitting, and video editing capabilities.
  5. Price: The cost of 4K HDMI capture cards can vary significantly depending on their features and capabilities. Consider your budget and the specific requirements of your 4K video capture and streaming setup.

Well-known brands that produce 4K HDMI video capture cards include Elgato, AVerMedia, Blackmagic Design, Magewell, and others. Before purchasing, read reviews and compare specifications to find the card that best meets your 4K capture and streaming needs.