Kingjoy VT-890HL Professional Video Tripod with Fluid Head FOR SALE


The Kingjoy VT-890HL Professional Video Tripod with Fluid Head is the perfect companion for videographers looking to achieve professional-level video quality. Its smooth fluid head, sturdy build, and adjustable height make it an essential tool for capturing flawless video content. Elevate your videography game with this dependable tripod system.

Product Specifications:

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Product Description: The Kingjoy VT-890HL is a reliable and versatile video tripod designed for videographers and content creators seeking professional-level performance. This tripod and fluid head combination offers exceptional stability and fluid motion, ensuring your video recordings are smooth and precise.

Key Features:

  • Fluid Head: The integrated fluid head provides smooth and precise panning and tilting movements, essential for capturing high-quality video footage.
  • Sturdy Build: Crafted with durable materials, the VT-890HL is designed to withstand the demands of field use. Its robust construction ensures stability and reliability.
  • Height Adjustment: This tripod offers adjustable height to accommodate various shooting scenarios and angles, allowing for greater creative flexibility.
  • Quick Release Plate: The quick-release plate system enables fast and secure camera attachment and removal, saving you time during setup and teardown.
  • Counterbalance System: The tripod’s counterbalance system helps maintain the balance of your camera, even with heavier setups, reducing strain on your arms and providing smoother movements.


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