Light Reflector 5 in 1 110 x 150cm for sale




Product Description: The 5-in-1 Light Reflector is an indispensable tool for photographers and videographers, designed to manipulate and enhance lighting conditions in a variety of settings. With a generous size of 110 x 150cm, this reflector offers five different surfaces in one compact, foldable package, making it a versatile and portable solution for achieving the perfect lighting in your shots.

Key Features:

  • Five Reflective Surfaces: This reflector includes five surfaces – gold, silver, white, black, and translucent – each serving a specific purpose:
    • Gold: Adds a warm, sunny glow to your subject, ideal for creating a flattering, golden-hour effect.
    • Silver: Provides strong, crisp highlights, enhancing contrast and adding definition to your subject.
    • White: Produces soft, neutral fill light, perfect for balancing harsh shadows and reducing contrast.
    • Black: Absorbs light and reduces reflections, helping to create dramatic shadows or to block unwanted light.
    • Translucent: Diffuses and softens light, creating a gentle, even illumination that’s ideal for portrait photography or reducing harsh sunlight.
  • Generous Size: The 110 x 150cm dimensions offer ample surface area for effective light manipulation and coverage, making it suitable for a range of photographic and videographic applications.
  • Foldable and Portable: This reflector easily collapses into a compact size for convenient storage and transportation, making it a practical choice for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, this reflector is built to last and withstand repeated use in various shooting conditions.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with handles and a central mounting opening, it can be handheld, attached to a stand, or used in various creative ways to achieve the desired lighting effect.


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